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Funding your Wallet

A wallet allows you to store and retrieve CUDOS tokens. When you buy or receive CUDOS tokens, you can keep them in a wallet and start different transactions. Owning CUDOS will provide you with more options, such as using your tokens to become a validator/delegator and participate in staking.

This article explains where to buy/trade CUDOS and how to apply for grants.

Where to buy CUDOS?

The current top exchanges for CUDOS trading are BitMax, KuCoin,, Uniswap, and Poloniex. You can also trade CUDOS on the following exchanges:

ExchangeAvailable Trading Pair
Gate.ioopen in new windowCUDOS/USDTopen in new window
KuCoinopen in new windowCUDOS/USDTopen in new window
AscendEX (Bitmax)open in new windowCUDOS/USDTopen in new window
1inch Exchangeopen in new windowETH/CUDOSopen in new window, CUDOS/ETHopen in new window
Bilaxyopen in new windowCUDOS/USDTopen in new window
Poloniexopen in new windowCUDOS/USDTopen in new window
0x Protocolopen in new window
Uniswap (V2)open in new windowCUDOS/WETHopen in new window

For more information:

Get funds via faucet

To fund the newly created account:

  1. Go to Cudos exploreropen in new window
  2. Navigate to the Faucet pageopen in new window
  3. Enter the address of your account, your address should look something like cudos8zp3892ahh36ce5qjdc37clzdgvyl99uwswp2re
  4. Enter the maximum amount of 10 Cudos to be wired to it
  5. Click on the button “SEND ME CUDOS”

Apply for grants

The Cudos grants program offers funding for various opportunities:

  • Application development
  • Infrastructure, tools and APIs
  • Research and community

The grant program aims to support the growth of the Cudos ecosystem. This will empower innovation and development and provide new opportunities for researchers, developers, and the community.

Please submit your application or proposal through this formopen in new window.

You can read the Foundation & Grants section for more information.