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Build a simple poll

This tutorial gets you started with writing CosmWasm smart contracts. Many thanks to Callum-A.

🛠 What we're going to build

We're going to build and store polls on chain. Here is how our app will work:

  1. Any user can create a poll.
  2. Any user can vote on a poll.
  3. Polls can have different options.

Let's imagine Dorothy Parker has created a poll. Here's an example of how it looks:

Example Poll

What is your favourite Cosmos ecosystem project? a. Cudos b. Osmosis c. Cosmos Hub

  1. Dorothy Parker can vote in her own poll. She votes for Cudos.
  2. William Blake decides to vote for Cosmos Hub.
  3. Dorothy decides to end the poll after 30 minutes.
  4. Rabindranath Tagore attempts to vote but is too late!
  5. Everyone can see the results of the poll.

👀 How to use CosmWasm

CosmWasm is a Cosmos SDK module. This means that a binary is enough to start integrating it into your blockchain.

wasmd is integrated into the cudos-noded binary provided when you follow the instructions to Build the binary.

Using wasmd it is possible to launch a new smart-contract enabled blockchain out of the box, using documented and tested tooling and the same security model as the Cosmos Hub.

A running blockchain is needed to host and interact with the contracts. It can be either localhost, testnet, or a mainnet blockchain.

📌 Here's what you need

  1. Ideally some basic Rust knowledge
  2. Understanding of Git and Github
  3. Comfort using Terminal and/or CLI
  4. Mac/Ubuntu work machine/Windows - WSL Ubuntu
  5. Text editor - VSCode or IntelliJ with Rust Plugin
  6. Ensure you have Rustup, WASM target and Cargo Generate installed.

If you don't, follow the installation steps on this page: Setup Rust

✏️ 01 Generate boilerplate contract project

In this section, we can use the Interwasm CW-Template to set up a boilerplate contract project.

Think of a name for your project and enter it as your PROJECT_NAME. Use the following command to generate a project.

cargo generate --git --name <PROJECT_NAME>

You can generate a full or minimal project. In the example, we generate a full project with example content.

Example - Generate kularing project

cargo generate --git --name kularing
🔧 Destination: /Users/adiamond/wappy ...
🔧 project-name: wappy ...
🔧 Generating template ...
? 🤷 Would you like to generate the minimal template?
The full template includes some example logic in case you're new to CosmWasm smart contracts.
The minimal template assumes you already know how to write your own logic, and doesn't get in your way. ›
[ 1/24] Done: .cargo/config
[ 2/24] Done: .cargo
[ 3/24] Skipped: .circleci/config.yml
[ 4/24] Done: .circleci
[ 5/24] Done: .editorconfig
[ 6/24] Done: .github/workflows/Basic.yml
[ 7/24] Done: .github/workflows/Release.yml
[ 8/24] Done: .github/workflows
[ 9/24] Done: .github
[10/24] Done: .gitignore
[11/24] Done: Cargo.lock
[12/24] Done: Cargo.toml
[13/24] Done: LICENSE
[14/24] Done: NOTICE
[15/24] Done:
[16/24] Done: src/bin/
[17/24] Done: src/bin
[18/24] Done: src/
[19/24] Done: src/
[20/24] Done: src/
[21/24] Done: src/
[22/24] Done: src/
[23/24] Done: src/
[24/24] Done: src 🔧 Moving generated files into: `/Users/user/kularing`...
💡 Initializing a fresh Git repository
✨ Done! New project created /Users/user/kularing

📂 02 Explore inside the project?

Change directory into your newly created project.

cw-starter/ # Root
├── .cargo/
│ └── config # Configuration for cargo commands such as cargo wasm, cargo schema, etc.
├── .circleci/
│ └── config.yml # Circle CI workflows and integration
├── .github/workflows/
│ └── Basic.yml # GitHub actions integration
├── examples/
│ └── # Rust file to generate JSON schema via cargo schema. Outputs to schema/
├── schema/ # Output folder for JSON schema
├── src/ # Where our smart contract rust files are located
│ ├── # Main contract logic, instantiate, execute, query
│ ├── # Where we define our contract errors
│ ├── # Where we define our modules
│ ├── # Where we define our message types
│ └── # Where we define any state variables
└── target/ # Where unoptimised WASM files are outputted
├── cargo.toml # Where dependencies are specified

✅ 03 Verify the installation

  1. Run the following commands to check everything is set up okay.
# Change to the root directory of the project
# Run tests, currently there are no tests so output should display running 0 tests
cargo test
# Generate JSON schema, should generate a bunch of JSON files under the schema directory
cargo schema
# Build an unoptimised WASM file, will be located under
# target/wasm32-unknown-unknown/release/cw_starter.wasm
cargo wasm