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Running a Validator node is a unique opportunity to be a part of a project and wider ecosystem aimed at solving todays blockchain scalability and interoperability issues.

This section is intended to assist participation in the Cudos network as a Validator operator. To join the network we recommend you first try running a node on the Testnet. The Testnet is a playground where you can learn and experiment without the risk of losing real tokens.

The Cudos Network is based on Tendermint and Cosmos. It is secured by Validators responsible for committing new blocks to the blockchain using Proof-of-Stake consensus.

Why run a node?​

  1. Running a validator node is critical to the Cudos network's success. Validator nodes are vital for relaying transactions, proposing, verifying and finalising blocks.

  2. The maintenance and security of the Cudos network relies on a community of Validator operators to run nodes to ensure the integrity and viability of the network.

  3. In return for securing the network, Validator operators earn rewards depending on their overall stake in the network.

  4. Validator operators have the opportunity to contribute to the development and evolution of the network by using their β€œstake” to vote on governance proposals. This is instrumental to the future direction of the Cudos Network.


The following networks are available to run a node. Each network has its own set of Validator nodes.

public testnetcudos-testnet-public-3


Testnet Explorer

Mainnet Explorer


Keplr wallet

Cosmostation wallet