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Node sync status

☕️ Node Sync Rate

Based on this GCP VM (e2-standard-4 4vCPU, 16 GB memory, 610 GB SSD, Ubuntu 20.04 LTS), a test node will sync at approximately 13 blocks per second. If there are a million blocks, it will take approximately 21 hours per million blocks to catch up.

To get a live estimation:

  • Check the increase in block height over a 30s period on your node and divide by 30 [blocks/sec].

  • Check the difference in height on the explorer compared to the node, to find the number of blocks needed to catch up [qty of blocks]

[qty of blocks] / [blocks/sec] = time remaining in seconds /3600 for time in hours

Checking sync status

You can check the status of your node sync by running the following command: As root user

cudos-noded status 2>&1 | jq -M 
how do i know when my node is synced?

Your node is fully synced when you see: "catching_up: false" and the latest "block height" matches the network Testnet Explorer or Mainnet Explorer


Example Sync Status Check

"NodeInfo": {
"protocol_version": {
"p2p": "8",
"block": "11",
"app": "0"
"id": "396bebbb5d2617randomef3d0e4608a0bcf1",
"listen_addr": "tcp://",
"network": "cudos-1",
"version": "0.34.19",
"channels": "40202122233038606100",
"moniker": "MY_MONIKER",
"other": {
"tx_index": "on",
"rpc_address": "tcp://"
"SyncInfo": {
"latest_block_hash": "80FB74856A0EDC26C857F1B70C8BEE9F0C2B9DAFDF8604B1AC4CEEF4443BBC2A",
"latest_app_hash": "F799F33B884B3CA0E38A82F4054C02F537CA538AD60F9314214D139EE59E71D4",
"latest_block_height": "326283",
"latest_block_time": "2022-07-08T14:48:31.165851742Z",
"earliest_block_hash": "7CE704456BD7686AF2CC3A2D4323A4D764A49F3EDF9178E0BDCAFF900E12F5F2",
"earliest_app_hash": "E3B0C44298FC1C149AFBF4C8996FB92427AE41E4649B934CA495991B7852B855",
"earliest_block_height": "1",
"earliest_block_time": "2022-06-15T07:48:13.312860749Z",
"catching_up": false
"ValidatorInfo": {
"PubKey": {
"type": "tendermint/PubKeyEd25519",
"VotingPower": "0"

Fully synced

In the above example,"catching_up": false and "latest_block_time" is a few seconds before current time. This indicates that the node is fully up to date. We can also compare the "latest_block_height": "326283" with the Cudos explorer for confirmation.

Syncing in progress

If your node is still syncing: latest_block_height and latest_block_time are incrementing and you can see "catching_up": true.

Not Syncing

If "latest_block_height": "0", your node is not syncing. Try to add another seed (refer to Manually adding new seeds)