The Cudos Network roadmap for core protocol upgrades

# Somniorum Testnet

A fully functional public blockchain running in testnet to review performance and feature-set ahead of launch. To participate in the testnet please jump into Project Artemis where you can explore functionality and earn rewards!

# Ingenii

The v1.0 release of Cudos Network in production with native CUDOS


  • Permission-less Validator participation
  • Delegated Proof of Stake mechanisms
  • Agnostic smart contract platform using CosmWasm
  • Developer tools for builders
  • Native NFT support for accounts
  • Ethereum multi-asset bridge (ERC20 & ERC721)
  • IBC compatibility
  • User interfaces for key components

expected Q1 2022

# Nubium

v2.0 release of the Cudos Network in which compute-power is augmented by a layer-3 pool of service providers from our existing Mining and Compute communities

Proposed Scope:

  • Scalable on-chain compute
  • Compute marketplace
  • EVM Support
  • Multi-chain bridges
  • Complex Reference DApps

expected 2022

# 🌝?