# Marketplace

The marketplace is a thriving ecosystem of dapps. These dapps can be used by any developer requesting work through the CUDOS smart contract, and will cover a wide range of use cases.

# Publish your Dapps

Please get in touch with us using this application form (opens new window) if you’re interested in writing and publishing dapps on the CUDOS network. The first layer 1 networks CUDOS integrates with are Ethereum and Algorand.

# Earn from your Dapps

Developers that contribute to the CUDOS dapp marketplace will be rewarded for doing so, by earning a percentage of the network transactions for applications that use their code. This percentage may be freely chosen by the developer, creating an open market where dapps consumers can choose their favourite application.

# Apply to have your Dapps or Data added

The CUDOS marketplace is currently in a closed alpha stage. However, we encourage developers to enquire and get in touch with us if interested.