Build the binary

Clone the correct branches from the CudosNodeopen in new window , CudosBuildersopen in new window, and CudosGravityBridgeopen in new window repositories, renaming the folders CudosNode, CudosBuilders, and CudosGravityBridge:

git clone --branch v0.9.0 CudosNode
git clone --branch v0.9.0 CudosBuilders
git clone --branch v0.9.0 CudosGravityBridge

Navigate to the CudosBuilders/docker/binary-builder directory

cd CudosBuilders/docker/binary-builder 

Build the docker image of the binary by running the command:

docker-compose --env-file binary-builder.arg -f binary-builder.yml -p cudos-binary-builder up --build --detach