Node Environment Preparation

This section will take you through preparing the environment on your nodes in preparation for running the Cudos software. You must complete the following two steps on every node that will take part in the Cudos network:

  • Install required packages
  • Build the node images

Install required packages

You must ensure that you have the following installed:

Docker 20.10.6 or above (latest version recommended) Refer to the Docker installation and upgrade guideopen in new window for your OS.

Docker Compose 1.29.x Refer to steps 3 and 4 of the Docker Compose Installation and Upgrade guideopen in new window for your OS.

Git Refer to the Git installation guideopen in new window for your OS.

JQ JQ is a command line JSON processor that you will use to extract data from JSON documents. Refer to the JQ installation guideopen in new window for your OS.

Build the node images

After installing all prerequisites, you can build the Cudos node images.


This document describes installing the platform as root. It is also possible to install the platform as a non-root user using sudo.

  1. Change to root user and create a directory to use as your workspace (we will assume you call the directory cudos)
sudo -i
mkdir /var/lib/cudos
  1. Make sure that you are in the correct directory
cd /var/lib/cudos

You have now prepared your node environment. If you are going to build a standalone Node, please continue to Standalone Node Build. If you are building a Validator Cluster, please repeat the above steps for every node that is going to be in your cluster, then continue to Validator Cluster Build.