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Set up a Keplr Wallet to use on the CUDOS chain

This is a guide to help you set up the Keplr wallet extension using a Chromium-based browser. In this case, we will use Google Chrome. The guide will also cover options for adding the CUDOS chain to your Keplr once this is created so you can see your CUDOS tokens in your wallet.

  1. Add the wallet extension to your browser from the Chrome Extension Store.
  • For ease of access, here is a link to the extension. Always make sure you install the extension from the official extension store.
  • Add the extension to your browser by clicking on Add to Chrome button.
  1. Add an existing Keplr account or create a new one.
  • If you are creating a new account, we recommend you check the official support source for more information.
  • If you are adding an exisiting account we recommend you check the official support source for more information.

To create a new account:

  • Choose the option that suits your needs. If you have a recovery phrase, choose to import an existing recovery phrase. In this example, we will create a new recovery phrase.
    • Follow the on-screen instructions.
    • Note down the generated 12 or 24 words in the order they appear. You must save the words securely as these are the key to your wallet and recovery in case of loss.
    • Type in the required words, name your wallet and set a password.
    • Select the chains you want to add to your Keplr. Don’t worry if your desired blockchain does not show up in the existing list of chains. This can be added later using the official blockchain dashboard.

Your Keplr account is now created.

  1. Add the CUDOS chain to your Keplr.
  • To add the mainnet chain id to your wallet, navigate to the CUDOS dashboard and connect your Keplr.
  • Approve the transaction to add the chain to your wallet.
  • Open your Keplr wallet, open the burger menu in the top-left corner and open the Manage Chain Visibility page.
  • Search for the CUDOS chain in the list and tick its respective box to make it visible in the wallet.
  • Save the change and navigate to your Keplr to confirm the chain is now visible.
  • Optionally, you can search for your CUDOS wallet address in Keplr. This will start with cudos1.
  • You can follow the same steps to add the testnet chain id as well. Navigate to the CUDOS testnet dashboard instead.

⚠️ *Remember, your tokens aren't stored in your wallet; they are stored on the blockchain. So always keep your recovery phrase safe. No support agent will ever ask for it, and bad actors can deprive you of your funds if the phrase is compromised.