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This page lists all commands available on cudos-noded CLI.

cudos-noded --help

Setting up

Set up the address of the node you want to connect to:

cudos-noded config node <host>:<port>

Connect to network

cudos-noded status --node


Create a new account to receive funds, send txs etc.

cudos-noded keys add <account_name>

Regenerate a key from a mnemonic with the following command:

cudos-noded keys add --recover

View a validator operator's address via:

cudos-noded keys show <account_name> --bech=val

View all your available keys:

cudos-noded keys list

View the validator pubkey for your node by typing:

cudos-noded tendermint show-validator

Gas & Fees

cudos-noded tx bank send ... --fees=50000acudos


cudos-noded tx bank send ... --gas-prices=0.0025acudos