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Gas and fees

Gas and Fees

Any transaction that changes the state of the network charges you a gas fee. See transactions

This fee is used to incentivise and reward validators and delegators for keeping the network infrastructure secure.

Gas fees are proportional to the number of computational operations in a transaction. They are designed to reflect the amount of 'effort'. Fortunately gas fees on CUDOS are extremely low.


Queries do not incur fees as these simply read the state of the blockchain

Use cudos-noded CLI with several flags to determine fees:

--gas refers to how much gas, which represents computational resources, Tx consumes. Gas is dependent on the transaction and is not precisely calculated until execution, but can be estimated by providing auto as the value for --gas.

--gas-adjustment (optional) can be used to scale gas up in order to avoid underestimating. For example, users can specify their gas adjustment as 1.3 to use 1.3 times the estimated gas.

--gas-prices specifies how much the user is willing to pay per unit of gas, which can be one or multiple denominations of tokens. The default minimum in the CUDOS network is currently 5000000000000acudos.

--fees specifies how much in fees the user is willing to pay in total.

--timeout-height specifies a block timeout height to prevent the tx from being committed past a certain height.

The ultimate value of the fees paid is equal to the gas multiplied by the gas price.


Validators can decide whether or not to include a transaction in their block by comparing the given or calculated gas-prices to their local min-gas-prices. The transaction is rejected if its gas-prices are not high enough, so users are incentivized to pay more.


Use cudos-noded CLI to generate a transaction sending 1000acudos from a senderAddress to a recipientAddress in mainnet.

The command uses the automatic gas estimation scaled up by 1.3 and the default minimum gas price most validators accept.

cudos-noded tx bank send <senderAddress> <recipientAddress> 1000acudos --gas auto --gas-adjustment 1.3 --gas-prices 5000000000000acudos --node --chain-id cudos-1