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Wallets provide a convenient way to generate and store key pairs and perform various basic activities such as:

creating transactions,

signing messages,

interacting with applications,

communicating with the blockchain.

What are Wallets?

Wallets are addresses generated from an initial secret. Wallets such as Keplr generate an initial secret from 12 or 24 words known as a mnemonic (taken from a standardised dictionary). This mnemonic acts as a Master Private Key.

From this initial mnemonic, multiple key pairs can be derived with the Public key from each key pair used to derive an address.

Wallet Accounts

A Wallet Account consists of:

  1. Private Key
  2. Public Key
  3. Address

Each Wallet address corresponds to a single key pair that can always be reproduced deterministically from a mnemonic by knowing its derivation path. So, a mnemonic phrase is turned into a seed or master private key using BIP39. This master private key is used to compute a public key, an address is then generated from the public key.

This means that for a single account there is a single address.

Other standards such as BIP 44 use the seed or master key generated by BIP 39 to compute actual private keys.

How to create a CUDOS account from a Wallet

A CUDOS account is created from a wallet address when a signed transaction that references that wallet address is performed.

For example, when CUDOS tokens are transfered to a wallet account. This first transaction sets the Address field to the wallet Address and the AccountNumber field is set to the number of accounts held in that wallet. So if this is the 4th account in your wallet, the AccountNumber is set to 4.

CUDOS Compatible Wallets

You can use Keplr and Cosmostation wallets on the CUDOS network.

Keplr Wallet

See how to create a Keplr wallet here

Install Keplr as a Browser extension

Cosmostation Wallet

See how to create a Cosmostation wallet here

Install Cosmostation as a Browser extension

Create an account/wallet to receive funds on CLI

Initialise cudos-noded CLI to get started.

cudos-noded keys add <INSERT-YOUR-WALLET-NAME>