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Token types

This section explains fungible and non-fungible token types for tokens based on CosmWasm and Ethereum.


Fungible Tokens

CW20 - Fungible Tokens

This is the specification for fungible tokens such as the Cosmos native coin ATOM View in Github The name and design is based on the Ethereum ERC-20 standard. CW20 tokens can be imported by smart contracts that wish to implement this specification, or by contracts that call to any standard CW20 contract.

CW1155 - Multiple Tokens

This is a specification for managing multiple tokens based on CosmWasm. View in Github The name and design is based on Ethereum's ERC1155 standard.defines an interface for contracts to support managing multiple tokens.

CW1 - Proxy Contracts

This is a specification for proxy contracts - where one contract is meant to hold assets (or rights) on behalf of other contracts. View in Github

CW2 - Migrating Inspecting

Enables migrating or inspecting of smart contract details. View in Github

CW3 - MultiSig or Voting contracts

Enables K of N immutable signatories, K of N mutable, flexible signature and can also be used to enable token weighted voting. View in Github

CW4 - Storing of Group membership

Stores a set of members or voters. View in Github

Non-Fungible Tokens

CUDOS uses its proprietary x/nft module to enable the minting of non-fungible-tokens or NFTs.

This allows for the storing and ownership tracking of NFTs and includes modules to transfer, mint and burn NFTs.


These are Interchain Standards as used by the IBC or inter-blockchain communication protocol.

View in Github

View all Interchain coins in the Cosmos Ecosystem on Mintscan


Here are some of the most popular token standards on Ethereum:

ERC-20 - A standard interface for fungible (interchangeable) tokens, like voting tokens, staking tokens or virtual currencies.

ERC-721 - A standard interface for non-fungible tokens (NFTs) like a deed for artwork or a song.

ERC-777 - ERC-777 - These standards allow people to build extra functionality on top of tokens such as a mixer contract for improved transaction privacy.

ERC-1155 - ERC-1155 - These standards allow for more efficient trades and bundling of transactions. This token standard allows for creating both utility tokens (such as $BNB or $BAT) and Non-Fungible Tokens like CryptoPunks.

ERC-4626 - A tokenised vault standard designed to optimize and unify the technical parameters of yield-bearing vaults.