Project Artemis

During the Cudos Public 'Somniorum' Testnet we will be running our incentive programme Project Artemis. We're inviting the Cudos community to help contribute towards the testing to help move the network closer to mainnet. To help maximise participation in our public testnet and to get the best feedback we're offering token rewards to users who join us and fulfil some key testing tasks.

During Project Artemis participants are able to earn CUDOS by completing tasks. Once our mainnet is deployed participants of Project Artemis will have native CUDOS sent to their wallets as reward for their contributions.

Tasks are broken down by user group; as either Validator tasks or Developer tasks. Anyone can participate on either side but Validator tasks require a much higher level of technical involvement and are only recommended for those with significant experience. Any Validators who're whitelisted for Mainnet and have already staked tokens via CUDOS Staking (opens new window) should be participating in each test phase, particularly Phase 4.

Project Artemis is broken down into 4 key phases which will run sequentially, find more details of each below:

# Testnet Phases

# Phase 1 - Apollo

Starter setup tasks for Cudos Network onboarding for Validators and users, focussing on account creation, hardware provisioning, node syncing and the CUDOS faucet.

Total amount available per user:

  • Validators: up to $360 each (plus $200 p/m for whitelisted mainnet Validators)
  • Developers: up to $36 each

# Validator Tasks

Task ID Description Resources $ Reward
ARTEMIS-APOLLO#1 Setup a Cudos Validator Docs 10
ARTEMIS-APOLLO#2 Add a Sentry Node to your Cudos Validator for additional security Docs 5
ARTEMIS-APOLLO#3 Add Prometheus monitoring to the Validator Node Docs (opens new window) -
ARTEMIS-APOLLO#4 Create a Grafana dashboard to show ARTEMIS-APOLLO#3 Prometheus data/sending Validator data monthly to Cudo Network Docs (opens new window) 100
ARTEMIS-APOLLO#6 Write a unique blog post setting up a Validator Node (in any language of your choice) n/a 30
ARTEMIS-APOLLO#8 Maintain an 80% uptime for the remaining Phase 1 n/a 200
ARTEMIS-APOLLO#14 Stake more than the minimum CUDOS to become a Validator n/a -
ARTEMIS-APOLLO#15 Receive delegated staking and receive a commission on delegated tokens to your Validator n/a -
ARTEMIS-APOLLO#16 Complete ARTEMIS-APOLLO#14, ARTEMIS-APOLLO#15, then unstake part of your excess staked CUDOS tokens n/a 15
ARTEMIS-APOLLO#18 Validator task list completion bonus n/a 200

# Developer Tasks

Task ID Description Resources $ Reward
ARTEMIS-APOLLO#5 Setup a Cudos Wallet and redeem Somniorum CUDOS from the Faucet Docs 10
ARTEMIS-APOLLO#7 Join our community Telegram (opens new window), Discord (opens new window), and follow CUDOS on Twitter (opens new window) n/a 1
ARTEMIS-APOLLO#9 Run a full Cudos Node to connect to the network Docs 10
ARTEMIS-APOLLO#10 Send tokens to another wallet using the Keplr extension Docs -
ARTEMIS-APOLLO#11 Delegate tokens to at least 3 different Validators using the Cudos Explorer Docs -
ARTEMIS-APOLLO#12 Claim CUDOS staking rewards using the Cudos Explorer Docs -
ARTEMIS-APOLLO#13 Complete ARTEMIS-APOLLO#10, ARTEMIS-APOLLO#11, ARTEMIS-APOLLO#12, then unstake CUDOS tokens using the explorer Docs 10
ARTEMIS-APOLLO#17 Complete 5 unique transaction types (Developer completion bonus) n/a 5

# Phase 2 - Buzz (Launching Soon)

Test all aspects of Validation, including staking, delegated staking, rewards. Additionally exploring CosmWasm smart contracts including: contract interaction, contract deployment, contract interfaces. Testing of our Gravity bridge implementation with Rinkeby Ethereum.

Total amount available per user:

  • Validator = $n + $p/m
  • Developer = $n
Task ID Description Resources $ Reward

# Phase 3 - Armstrong (Launching Soon)

Adversarial stress tests bringing a coordinated strike to bring as much diversity in transaction activity as possible to the Cudos Network. Validators will run network load and performing maintenance tasks.

Total amount available per user:

  • Validator = $n + $p/m
  • Developer = $n
Task ID Description Resources $ Reward

# Phase 4 - Collins (Launching Soon)

Migration testing to performa a dry-run of our genesis and token migration plan for the new native Cudos Network.

Total amount available per Validator = $n + $p/m

Task ID Description Resources Reward

# How to Participate

If you're a Developer wanting to build on Cudos please signup with this form (opens new window)

If you're a Validator wanting to get setup with a Cudos Node, please apply via this form (opens new window)

Once you're signed up and approved as a Developer or Validator, take a look at the active tasks for the current phase and dive into the Somniorum Testnet.

Upon completion of each task please submit your evidence to this form (opens new window). Tasks will be monitored and validated on-chain for completion.

# CUDOS Rewards

CUDOS tokens will be distributed to the top Project Artemis participants when the Cudos Network mainnet is deployed. The same wallet addresses used for testnet must be retained to ensure access to your funds.

Participation in Project Artemis is open to everyone, but only the top 300 Developer addresses and 100 Validator addresses will be eligible for rewards. Details of which users have contributed the most and qualified for CUDOS rewards will be revealed shortly after each phase concludes.

We will be using blockchain snapshots to validate the state of tasks on-chain, and manual verification for any 'off-chain' tasks. We reserve the right to decide all reward eligibility.